Information. The deets. The 4-1-1 {does anyone still say that?!}.

Maine wedding photographer

We like what we’ve seen so far – how can we book you?

Send me a message, give me a call -let’s talk! Once we’ve decided we’re a fit, the only things you will need to make sure I’m the one-and-only for you on your wedding date are a non-refundable retainer of 40% of your chosen collection (I accept all major credit cards) and a signed contract. Then we’ll set a time to do your engagement session! After your engagement sesh we can take some of your photos and create some really beautiful save-the-dates, invitations, wedding favors, shower cards, registry cards… I could go on and on but you’ve been on Pinterest, you get the idea.

Because we’ll spend lots of time together on your wedding day I think it’s important we get to know each other as best we can beforehand. I’m not suggesting we have sleepovers or braid each other’s hair {I’m awful at doing hair!}, but I love to get together and chat over coffee and ice cream! I’ll ask you a bunch of questions, I hope you’ll ask me a bunch of questions, and if you’re not nearby we’ll chat via the latest form of soup-can-on-a-string technology that you’re comfy with. Then you keep planning your big day and as we get closer to it we’ll talk again to firm up any details that may be old, new, borrowed or blue. I want to be sure that we’ve both shared all necessary info prior to the big event!

We ate, we drank, we married. How can we see our photos?!

After your wedding day I will process your images and have a quick collection available for viewing, sharing, tagging, profiling, blogging, pound-signing, and all around bragging. As for the rest of your photos, I personally edit and process your images so they look their very best for you to have and to hold for ever and ever. Your viewing galleries and first-run album selections will be available online and will be share-able with your family and wedding guests as well. This keeps you from having to keep track of print orders from Great Aunt Sally and allows the two of you to spend your time enjoying the start of your happily ever after, ooh-ing and aahh-ing over your pictures.
Of course I’m always up for more coffee and ice cream so we can definitely meet again to decide exactly what will help fill the walls and the heart of your home together as a married couple.

What do I want from you?

Coffee, please! {Food and cake is always appreciated, too!}