NatWil 2346 1024x379 weddings   Who doesn’t just LOVE a wedding?! They are full of happiness and cake, family and friends, dancing and gettin’ crazy! Add the gorgeous settings offered here in the wonderful state of Maine and you’ve got a perfect day to tie the knot! I just love weddings and crave capturing the moments that unfold throughout your day that make it so special. Getting together with your bridesmaids to get all dolled up, hanging with the guys to get the nerves out, watching mom & dad tear up at their little girl… Each of these moments, and countless more, make up your wedding day and the memories you’ll have forever. Having these moments documented professionally and created into beautiful artwork is where I come in. I get to spend the day with you and capture your story, and then help you retell it to future generations.

We’ll have a lot of fun along the way as we drink lots of coffee, work together to create your story, and share it with those you love. If you are interested in having me join you for your wedding please contact me soon to confirm availability & to schedule our coffee chat so we can get a chance to get to know each other! Please view the photos here and also in the ‘Weddings’ category {hover over the link above} to see a sample of soggy dog designs’ wedding photography.