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"Because I'm self-indulgent when it comes to photographs. If I am going to take the time to set up our shoot, get to know my subject, set my camera, and then often times reset my camera, compose the photo, click, evaluate it, take it back to the studio, download it from the memory card, import it into my computer, back it up twice, evaluate it again, edit it so it appears as perfectly natural as it did when I shot it, export & upload it so you can see it, spend more time prepping it for printing, and then using ink and paper and time to print it... I want to really really like my subject, and not hate my images. This is why I shoot what I love, and I need to love what I shoot." 

wendy jung . historian of real life moments, photographs, and crazy ideas @ soggy dog designs

Why Photography?


blog pics wendy nate02sm 300x300 Photography | Heres To You

I just can’t help myself, that’s why!  I love life.  All of it.  I am married to Nate & he is great.  Seriously, he’s awesome and works with me on weddings when you want him to. We both love old VW’s and met snowboarding in Utah which is where our random life paths led us.  We had a kick-ass super FUN wedding in my parents’ backyard outside Philly, surrounded by all of our favorite people ever, where we served up Cheesesteaks (for my team), Brats (for the hub’s Wisconsin crew), and Tastykakes as parting gifts for all.  We then moved to Maine without jobs or a place to live because we wanted to be near mountains and oceans and because I spent most summers of my childhood exploring Acadia with my brothers, telling fish stories with my dad, and borrowing my mom’s old camera while she chased us around with her newer one. 

 SOG1238 2 150x150 Photography | Heres To YouWe have 3 insanely FUN and crazy cool girls who invade my brain when I think I have a clear thought in my head and make me laugh when I least expect it.  I see so much of life through their eyes right now, it’s the best thing ever.  Better than being a kid because now I have a bigger-than-my-face camera and  I’m not afraid to use it.  I get to grab time and freeze it and print it and send it to my mom and the best mother-in-law ever, and then hang it on my own wall and relive it over and over again. 


So, what kind of photography do you specialize in?

I don’t restrict myself to just weddRuff 1062 300x200 Photography | Heres To Youings or just kids’ photography, or just families, or just anything.  Life has many paths and twists and turns and I believe in using my experiences to help me document yours.  I love capturing your life in ways that reflect what life really is.  No Posers Allowed is the soggy dog motto, meaning that we are who we are, no apologies.  When creating photos I try to capture who you are – a mom with messy silly hyper kids, a couple having a blast on their wedding day, a senior getting ready to move on ‘outta heah!’ and find their next path in life, a great big giant overtired belly waiting to burst {with or without littles hanging on your legs!}, a family that loves to be together and be their silly selves, preschoolers that are just too cute for words so we need lots and lots of pictures, athletes who are at the same time sure and unsure of themselves during any given season, professional-type people who need professional-type photos for their own work. No matter what we’re doing together, you’re hardly ever asked to sit still when we shoot and when we’re here at the studio there are trampolines both indoors and out for all of that crazy hyper messy energy…I’ll even let you try them out, too.

What else can you tell me about your style?

I believe in prints.  Lots and lots of prints. Digital is awesome and great for creating photos but Facebook smushes our images, computers crash, and if the floppy disc is resurrected as nouveau-retro and can’t read my files, what will we do then, if all of our photos are virtual?  I want to have and to hold my photos and see them in my face staring back at me hanging on my wall, and fill up albums until they’re overflowing and hand them to my girls to hand to their girls (or boys!) and let them live on forever and ever.  I want to be there for you to grab some of your time and freeze it and print it and give it right back to you to have and to hold and to share in your life.

soggydog 300x109 Photography | Heres To YouI also believe in coffee.  Dark roasted, loaded with real cream, hot in the winter, iced in the summer, yummy in my tummy coffee.  Coffee ice cream milkshakes from Dot’s Ice Cream Shop in Bath, Maine are entirely worth believing in, too.  Topped with whipped cream that always gets up my nose and a wafer cookie that tastes best drowned in the up-my-nose whipped cream, finished off, as all of life’s best things should be, with a lovely bright red cherry on top.


More importantly, where did you come up with soggy dog designs?

Cole!  He was our 110-pound giant lick-your-whole-face-with-one-slurp yellow lab.  One day I was pondering life, photography, and possibility (like if I’d ever have the guts to have my own business, what would I call it kind of possibility… anyway, as I was procrastinating work on my ‘real-job,’  Cole-dog came happily trotting into our teeny tiny kitchen all covered in downpour and mud and performed a perfectly executed full-body, head-to-tippy-tail, shake-down, shake-out, splattering of sogginess all over our teeny tiny kitchen.  Was that my aha! moment?  Seriously, I don’t remember.  I was covered in soggy stuff laughing my ass off trying to dry my laptop and catch the crazy dog before he ran through the rest of the house.  But at some point after that moment the idea of a soggy dog made me happy and giggly and I really really didn’t want to name a business after myself like everyone else does.  So I didn’t.  ‘soggy dog photography’ sounded pretty cool.  It even rhymes.  However, soggy dog designs has alliteration and I can do more than just photography without changing my biz name.  This is extra super because I’m convinced I have adult onset A.D.D. {squirrel!} and I always want to do more than one thing at one time and I never want to limit my possibilities.  The right-side of my brain calls it multi-tasking, the left side calls it soggy dog designs.  So there. 

What now?

 Well… call me!   Or, fill out the fancy ‘Contact’ form at the top of the page and we’ll figure out the best way to grab time together, hopefully over coffee or milkshakes.  We can meet here at the always messy, never organized, but fully functional soggy studio where I guarantee you’ll be greeted with our newest and soggiest soggy dog, Noodle.  He thinks he’s part Kangaroo and will jump up to greet you, but fair warning, he’s a hugger and will roll over for hugs and snugs.  The studio is on the top floor of my home and is usually filled with sunshine, my latest mess, and often my girls and Noodle, too.