December 29, 2018 2018 – 2019 updates

Hello! We are working on updating our blog page and all that we use to provide information to you, our favorite people! If you cannot find what you’re looking for, or have any questions at all, please contact us at theteam@soggydogdesigns and we’ll be happy to help you.   Thank you so very much, and Happy New Year! wendy & the team @ soggy dog designs

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I see you. I see your tears, your blood, your sweat.
I see your grit. 
I see your frustration. I see your elation.
Your empathy, compassion, dedication, determination.
I see your successes. I see your failures. I see your pain.
I see you pick yourselves up and dig deep again.
I see you work harder, get better, fall back, and then attack.
I see how much you want to be better than your last setback.
I see you inspire the next in line, the younger you’s, your parents, and me.
I am grateful for you and all that you strive to be.

Here’s to your tears. Your blood. Your sweat. Your grit.
Here’s to your frustration, your compassion, your dedication. Your determination.

Here’s to digging deep & to You Being The Inspiration.

Here’s To You, Shipbuilders [and to many more amazing seasons!]

2017-18 Morse Winter Sports Slideshow

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Sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair. Like how much I L O V E what I do, and get to do it every day, with the best kind of people there ever were. I’m so grateful to have had the chance to hang with Miss A here, and that she shared some of her awesome-sauce self with me and my camera! Here’s to Miss A, and to her super bright future as a SUPERSTAH!

ADEN 02 2 1024x640 Miss As lets play pretend {aka acting!} headshots!  | Bath, Maine | Childrens Headshot Photography

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Guess what?!  I just realized soggy dog designs is 8 years old this month! Seriously, not sure where the past 8 years have gone – making babies, creating a business, chasing my kids, chasing your kids, life life life, I guess.  But here we are and I suppose it’s worth a blog post!  After starting slow and growing over the years it’s fun to think where it all started and where soggy dog designs is now.  I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities you all have given me to step into your lives over the years, work with your families, your family businesses, schools, teams, leagues, and learn from each experience while growing this soggy dog community. 

This year I have taken the opportunity to attend some incredible educational seminars here in our own backyard.  World renowned photographers descended upon Portland, Maine in February to both learn from and teach one another at Inspire Photo Retreats.  The quantity and quality of content I came home with swimming in my gray matter, I have only just begun to process.  Lucky enough to have had the amazing Emilie Sommer (from emilie, inc.) mentor me through my chaotic over-scheduled way-backed-up workflow-business- life was a blessing.  Simple advice that still resonates through my brain every day, keeping me from chasing so many squirrels.  Having photojournalist extraordinaire David Murray take 10 minutes with me at the end of the entire week to critique my portfolio was worth every valuable cliche you can think of.  Like a retreat should be, the workshops and mentoring were only part of the takeaway.  Finally crawling out from under my shell of kids/family/life/work and meeting other like-minded crazy photographers chasing their own squirrels was intensely perfect.  It’s like a 3 day summer camp where you learn new skills, play with new friends, and come home wishing you could stay for a few more weeks.  Sharing professionalism without competition is the simplest way I can sum up Inspire, and the photographic community in Maine overall.

Speaking of Maine…attending the Maine PPA Convention this year was another meaningful experience, even though I could only make it for one day.  Cool guy lighting guru Craig Lamere came all the way from Pocatello, Idaho to hang with us Mainers and learn us a few things about lighting, working with models, and what’s it’s like to travel and put on seminars all over the world.  Having another day with grown ups who like to play with the same toys I do was the best way to spend a Monday.  Although I picked up a lot of new tricks and am excited about the images I created with these amazing models and lighting rigs, the photos of my fellow photogs and the man himself during the day was what I ended up deciding to share.  

CLWKSHP 1712 2 1024x683 this old soggy dog | celebrating another year & learning new tricks

One thing I have come to accept and embrace this year is that the ‘real life’ work, the documentary, no posers allowed, be-who-you-are photos are what I have instinctively taken since the first time I picked up a camera, and what I am drawn to whether I’m in studio, on the sidelines, at the beach romping with family, taking school photos, and pretty much everywhere else.  It is important to learn new techniques and styles, but also to stay true to who you are at any given moment.  As always, I feel genuinely blessed to be able to spend my days with clients who let me be who I am while capturing who they really are.  Hence my newest shameless soggy-promoting tag line: soggy dog designs | photography for real life. 

If you have 2 1/2 minutes, click the link below for a small slideshow of some behind the scenes moments with some of Maine’s coolest photographers learning new tricks, sharing some old ones, and having some fun on a Monday with Craig Lamere.  

2015 soggy dog @ Maine PPA slideshow CLICK HERE!

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So, did you ever have one of those days, weeks, months that you anticipated life would quiet down a bit and you’d get caught up on all the things that piled up during your ‘busy’ time? The kids would be back in school. You’d have SO many hours in a day to answer emails, edit, shoot, work, do the taxes, maybe even fold some laundry, and finally, the O-word. Get ORGANIZED! Time to implement the new system and begin the hiring process because thankfully my clients are awesome and the business is growing and I’m so excited and then BAM! Snow day * snow day * snow day * snow day * delayed openings, then “vacation” week, sick grandparents, sick kids, basketball tournaments, swim meets, more sick kids, sick husband, and then Monday comes around {again!} and you think. YES! This. Is. THE. Week. Then another BAM! The frantic tearful phone call from your oldest girl that she got clocked in the eye by a rogue foot on a fun tumble down the snow mountain at school, and has probably lost part of one of her few adult teeth.

addie eye sometimes life kicks us in the face.

Yep. I know. I don’t need to read fiction because this is my real life. And as hard as I try to keep up with it all, sometimes it gets the better of me and I miss a few emails and I HATE that! I hate it when people don’t answer me back and I hate it even more when I don’t answer YOU back! Because you are important to me. Each and every one of you. I’m not trying to give you a string of excuses but simply to explain that I am still here and you are very important to me. Plans are in the works for a better system, quicker turnaround on orders and yes, better response times because sometimes life kicks us in the face but we will always smile and get back up again. Thank YOU for being a part of my chaos and my ‘for real life.’ Please bear with me and stay tuned for the new and amazing things we’ve got coming… including new ‘for real life’ sessions {totally shameless plug there, I know!}. The one thing I don’t mind being contagious this week is my Millie’s happy-ness so I’m sharing that, too! Have a HAPPY Tuesday, week, month, year! & THANK YOU, immensely, for continuing to share your world with me.    wendy |

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ewin This picture is worth 1000 points.

Here’s to Ethan.

Here’s to E’s teammates who worked tirelessly to help him reach this historical accomplishment tonight. To his fellow Seniors, coaches, teachers, friends and classmates, to the K-section and to the Boosters. Here’s to E’s parents, and to all the countless hours of carpools, practices, games, weekends, vacation weeks, camps and tournaments. Here’s to E’s commitment, focus, and determination to see his goals through to the very last swoosh of that ball passing through the threads of the net. Not taking his eyes off it until it is 100% completely accomplished. For humbly accepting the attention, hugging mom, throwing dad the ball, acknowledging each teammate and coach and recognizing that every dream comes with hard work and support from your entire community, no matter its size. Here’s to Ethan and each and every Shipbuilder in that gym for continuing the game and for not settling for anything less than their best tonight.

Here’s to the next game. Continue on as one team, Shipbuilders united.‪#‎soggydogdesignsgotgame‬ ‪#‎shipbuilderproud‬

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In case you’re wondering where your photos are, here’s a less-than-professional synopsis of the past week here at the soggy dog designs household.

Pardon my bluntness, I’m feeling a bit punchy after the past 7 days, with only 1 of them being an actual school day!

{this comment of mine was in response to a teacher without her own kids asking what parents do on snow days…}

What do parents do during snow days? 
Day 1. We snuggle and watch the snow fly, some movies, and try to read a bit, but really, it’s a nice lazy day, happy for the break in routine. Working from home, try to sneak in work while not completely ignoring the kids.

Day 2. They play in the snow, shovel, sled, make snow castles, movies, snuggle. I try to sneak more work in between mitten application, snow extraction, slipping on puddles of snow melt in the house, putting wood in the stove, shoveling, & making meals and refereeing.

Day 3. MOVIES ALL DAMN DAY so we can get on Facebook and socialize and hopefully sneak in some work because it’s 10x harder to work during snow days with mittens, hats, snow down pants, poop-sicles being thrown, and and and… if I’m being completely honest, there may or may not be some “it’s 5 o’clock somewhere” starting earlier with each consecutive snow day.

So if Snow Day 4 comes on Monday, it’s safe to say that Bloody’s will be flowing with the cancellation call at 5am.
{*please note, no Bloody’s are flowing, yet. just coffee. lots and lots of coffee! but it IS 5 o’clock somewhere…}

I don’t dare post that some pics are actually getting some attention today for fear of jinxing my supposed progress this morning, so I won’t say it but there is {hopefully!} a light at the end of this snow tunnel!


millie snow snow days. for real life.

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Maine is an amazing place.  So many families from across the country reunite here in the summer to vacate their own reality and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of our lovely surroundings.   Enter the Bayley family and their newest adorable members and silly faces and jumpy-ness!   Here’s To You, your families, and to summer in Maine!


Bayley 1359 683x1024 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography Bayley 1400 683x1024 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography Bayley 1017 683x1024 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography Bayley 1030 1024x683 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography Bayley 1115 1024x683 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography Bayley 1139 1024x683 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography Bayley 1193 683x1024 Birch Point . Maine | Family PhotographyBayley 15021 1024x683 Birch Point . Maine | Family Photography

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Summer in Maine.  The best time of year in the best place on Earth… in my humble opinion!  And apparently, not just my opinion but that of many families who vacation here!  Take the Allens, who are repeat summer-in-Maine offenders!  This year they bring their just-turned-one-year-old bundle of curiosity, still getting her wobbly walking legs, obsessed with seaweed, cutest rolls you’ll ever see poking out of a pink tutu, little girl!  The best kind of addition to a perfect summer trip to Maine.

Here’s to you, Allen family!

Allen 1012 1024x683 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!} Allen 1590 819x1024 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!} Allen 1563 683x1024 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!} Allen 1505 1024x683 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!} Allen 1492 1024x683 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!} Allen 1454 1024x683 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!} Allen 1450 1024x683 Georgetown, Maine . Family Photography.  {FUN! With the Allen Family!}